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Posted: 02.09.19 in Articles category

1 September marks the start of Creationtide, also known as the Season of Creation. It's a time when we remember that God is the creator of all life as maker of the universe. It's a time when we remember the bonds we share with all living creatures who are precious like us because they too are divinely made and reflect aspects of God. And it's a time we remember our God-given responsibilities as stewards of the earth tasked with its protection.

The season has its origins in the Eastern Orthodox Church which in 1989 called for a day at the start of September to pray for creation. Other Christian churches followed as awareness has grown about human mistreatment of the earth and our collective behaviour in destroying the fabric of creation. A single day has become a liturgical season stretching 5 weeks until the feast day of St Francis of Assisi on 4 October - the Christian best known for demonstrating a loving care for all living creatures. This year's theme is the 'Web of Life', recognising that we are all part of a single yet diverse and complex web of life wonderfully woven by God who requires us to share responsibility for its conservation and nurture.

What should we do in Creationtide? Can I suggest that each of us considers the following actions:

1. CELEBRATE and give thanks to God for the good gift of creation

2. CONFESS the various ways and means that we are abusing the earth and destroying creation. It's poignant to be writing while forest fires continue to burn in the Amazon, the global impact of plastic pollution grows more apparent and the reality of human-induced climate change all too readily obvious.

3. CHALLENGE ourselves about our personal consumption behaviour and whether we need to make personal changes for the sakes of future generations ... of animals, plants and people alike.

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